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Brightmed is your user-friendly digital assistant that facilitates sales of health products

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Brightmed core

The digital assistant for your pharmacy

Brightmed team has created a unique database referencing information regarding non-prescription products sold in pharmacies. Combining pharmaceutical knowledge with AI technology, we support pharmacy teams with easy-to-use and powerful tools providing essential knowledge for them to guide their customers towards the most adapted health products.

For your pharmacy team, we provide our web platform to support them at the counter when advising customers but also a tablet version for out of the counter staff. For your customers, we provide a line of kiosks to dynamise specific corners of your pharmacy and create digital hubs.

With Brightmed you empower your team to perform at its best, implement your sales strategy, promote cross-sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Supported product types

Skincare & hygiene products
Non-prescription medicines for self-care
Essential oils & related products
Food supplements, vitamins & phytotherapy products


Digital sales/purchase assistant
Provides the optimal selection of all types of health products based on customer’s needs, profile and preferences. Time efficiency and reliability are core to Brightmed which can provide answers to complex cases within seconds.
Sales strategy tool
Applies current and updatable sales strategies including cross-sales to optimize stock and revenues.
Information hub
Provides essential information on products: availability, indication, posology, warnings, etc.
Reliable and up-to-date tool built by a team of pharmacists focused on patient well-being.

For your team

Optimize the performance of your team with Offidex

Give your pharmacy team access to Offidex, the Brightmed web platform which contains your catalog of health products with all the relevant information required when advising a customer. Plus, Offidex has a smart navigation system to assist in building the most adequate product proposal based on particular needs and profile of the customer. Enriching and developing your team's knowledge is key to successful sales.

Offidex Web is accessible from your pharmacy's computers. We also provide a version for tablets. It gives the flexibility to your team to interact with customers in different areas of your pharmacy.

Key product information
Search or simply scan the barcode of the product to get access to the information page of any parapharmacy products. Product pages are written by Brightmed pharmacists and suppliers to provide all the essential information to support pharmacists in their daily mission to advise patients.
Customer's needs
Through four selfcare modes Dermocosmetic, Pharmacy, Dietary, and Aromatherapy, the user can input symptoms and needs (Allergy, Cold & Flu, Acne, etc.)
Personal characteristics & preferences
Tailor the selection with personal characteristics and preferences of a patient (age, pregnancy, diabetes, lactose intolerance, without paraben, vegan, etc.)
Patient-optimized selection
We will propose the most appropriate and optimal selection of products for a specific patient profile. Your optimize the performance of your team with our cross-sales feature that follows your sales strategy.


Enhancing team knowledge
Enables pharmacy team to efficiently process all types of self-care demands with customer variables (i.e. customer profiles, needs, preferences) to provide customized and complete selection of health products.
Supporting team in product expertise
Supports pharmacy teams with smart browsing of available health products, informs of all alternatives of health products available and continuous updates with newly launched health products.
Stimulating sales performance
Directly communicates to the pharmacy team how to prioritize the products to be sold based on prioritization strategies such as quantity in stock, margins, expiry dates, etc.
Harmonizing customer service quality
Provides a solid framework for pharmacy teams to maintain customer service quality across the team.

For your customers

Optimize the customer journey inside your pharmacy

Brightmed pharmacists are introducing the in-store kiosk created to digitalize your pharmacy. This smart kiosk guides your patient through your pharmacy offering and help them find the best selection of self-service health products based on their needs.

The kiosk is connected to the pharmacist who is able to view all relevant patient information at the counter for convenient and efficient patient management.

Customer's needs
Through four selfcare modes Dermocosmetic, Pharmacy, Dietary, and Aromatherapy, the user can input symptoms and needs (Allergy, Cold & Flu, Acne, etc.)
Personal characteristics & preferences
Our kiosk allows tailoring with all personal characteristics and preferences of a patient (age, pregnancy, diabetes, lactose intolerance, without paraben, vegan, etc.)
Patient-optimized selection
Our kiosk suggests the most appropriate and optimal selection of products for a specific patient profile available in your pharmacy. You empower patients in their search of health products and give them a tool to enhance their experience in your pharmacy.
E-mailing the product selection (optional)
The patient can send the product selection to an e-mail address. A number is attributed on the e-mail for the pharmacist at the counter where the products can be retrieved.
Pharmacist admin platform
Thanks to the number on the e-mail presented by the patient at the counter, the pharmacist has access to all the patient information. The pharmacist verifies everything is understood by the patient and makes the sale.


Empowering self-care
Empowers customers in their choice of self-care. It allows them to see all alternatives available in-store and make informed choices based on their own preferences.
Supervising purchase
Helps customers to find the right products based on their needs and profiles within a framework focused on their well-being.
Providing a digital hub
Modernizes the pharmacy space and enhances the store experience.
Optimizing in-store visits
Direct access to assistance in finding the right products with information shared to pharmacists at the counter for optimal time spent in store.

About us

A dedicated and passionate team of pharmacists and engineers

We founded Brightmed with the vision to bring digitalization to pharmacies by creating tools to support pharmacists’ expertise, growth and optimization of patient management.

Meet the team

Christine Nguy
Christine Nguy
Yen-Sur Nguy
Yen-Sur Nguy
President France
Yen-King Nguy
Yen-King Nguy
Stéphanie Luu
Stéphanie Luu
Application developer
Beder Kamal
Beder Kamal
Product designer

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We are attending PharmagoraPlus 2024!
Come and meet us at the biggest French pharmacy fair PharmagoraPlus in Paris, Porte de Versailles on March 9-10 2024!

Our team will be happy to present all our powerful tools at our booth. You will find us at the center of the fair on pod #3 in the e-Health startup village dedicated to innovations for the pharmacy of tomorrow. For this special event, we have prepared unique offers for you to join the pharmacists who already use the power of Brightmed in their day-to-day business.
March 4th, 2024
Brightmed featured in a French newspaper!
We are very proud that Brightmed is featured in our local newspaper La Marne. It reports our ambition to bring innovative digital tools to pharmacies. Brightmed is a team journey bringing together pharmacists and engineers with a common goal of making the pharmacy experience as efficient and smooth as possible. Our path kicks off in Torcy (France), the city where several of our cofounders are from. Find the entire article here.
May 12th, 2021
Brightmed takes the 2nd place at French contest
Dear friends, the whole Brightmed team would like to thank you. Thanks to your votes, our common effort paid off! Brightmed is one of the 2021 laureates of the French startup contest Les Challenges Numériques 2021 by proudly occupying the second place.

We are invited to the prize ceremony in June to get our prize and mingle with local business partners. We are extremely pleased that over the last weeks we received such a great support from many and sincere good luck wishes for our Brightmed adventure.

We hope you all to stay well.
Thank you!
March 9th, 2021

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